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Mauritania deposits
Mauritania deposits Publication 24/04/2009

Finalized 1ยช phase (4 tanks) of the 7 deposits of capacity 150m3 bought by the company SEPH, S.A. for the oil storage of fish in the factory that are constructing in Nouadhibou, Mauritania. With this project, realized in a place of extreme climatologic conditions, TANKEROS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY it extends the fan of applications of his products and fulfills a new international challenge.

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Floculadotes Sri Lanka
Floculadotes Sri Lanka Publication 24/04/2009

Once again, of the hand of our client MUSHROOM, TANKEROS, S.L it has had the opportunity to participate in an international project. In this occasion in Sri Lanka, where two have settled floculadotes of 520m3 made in stainless steel for Planta de Tratamiento de Agua de Ambatale, Colombo.

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Cabinda Angola
Cabinda Angola Publication 21/05/2008

Finalized the second delivery of the deposits contracted by Group MUSHROOM, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY for the water network of Cabinda (Angola).

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