Measures and capacities of the cylindrical tanks

The model of each deposit is identified by a number of four numbers, the two first correponden to the number of plates in circumference and the two last to the number of ferrules and averages ferrules in height.

  • 0835: eight plates in circumference and three ferrules and average of height.
  • 1205: twelve plates in circumference and nine ferrules and average of height.

To a required capacity it is had several models.


For 365 m3s we will be able to choose between the models:

  • 2002: twenty plates in circumference/two ferrules/363 m3s
  • 1825: eighteen plates in average circumference/two ferrules and/374 m3s
  • 1603: sixteen plates in circumference/three ferrules/371 m3s
  • 1345: thirteen plates in average circumference/four ferrules and/378 m3s
  • 1205: twelve plates in circumference/five ferrules/365m3
  • 1106: eleven plates in circumference/six ferrules/372m3
  • 1007: ten plates in circumference/seven ferrules/362m3
  • 0985: nine plates in average circumference/eight ferrules and/357m3

The material and therefore the price optimizes in the most proportionate models in diameter and height.

Table of measures and capacities

Measures and capacitiesTo unload table of measures and capacities
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