Cylindrical tanks
Cylindrical tanks

The capacity oscillates between 7 and 4,000 m3s, following the diameter (that vary between 3 ms and 30.5 ms) and the height (from 1.25 ms to 12 ms). To see tables of measures and capacities. In order to secure the capacity wished in a limited space several connected aligned or grouped deposits can be constructed to each other.

The tanks are constructed with steel plates galvanized of 2.5 ms of length by 1.25 ms of width that overlap some on others. The plates, whose thickness is based on the diameter and the height of the deposit, make according to the norms IN 10142 and 10111 1998. The plates have punched all their perimeter to connect perfectly in work without needing later mechanization. This assembly takes control of special screws prepared with the round head to the interior and the nut to the outside.

The inner surface (in putty deposits) is covered with a bituminous painting of black color that protects the plate of the direct bonding with the water and darkens the interior to reduce the appearance of microorganisms. In case of potable water or waters with high indices of corrosion, the interior is covered with an elastic polyurethane coating with great resistance to the abrasion.

The profiles and plates between 2 mm and 3 mm of thickness are put under the 275 galvanized treatment of continuous that surpasses grs of zinc by m2 according to norm IN 10142. The rest of the pieces: plates with greater thickness of 3 mm, tornillería, stairs, bridles… are galvanized in the heat of the moment according to the norms UNITE 7183 and UNITE 37501, present

Rectangular tanks
Rectangular tanks

Its fundamental advantage is its facility to adapt to the space where they settle (squaring, rectangular, in the form of “L? etc). They even allow to save columns or to leave them within the deposit. They are perfect for garages, rooms of boilers, roofs,… securing the maximum capacity in the minimum space.

They consist of a single plate ferrule folded in “lambda-type? of up to 2.5 ms of height and 1 m of width. Following their dimensions the tank tensions or cross-sectional strap are reinforced inner with.

The specifications of the materials are the same that stop the cylindrical tanks.


All the deposits provide with the connections and accessories that the installation requires. The measures (diameters of the connections) and location depend on each tactical mission.

  • Housing with cover of registry for filling connection designed with venteo grid.
  • Stairs of access to the cover with section of detachable security.
  • Platform in the part superior with railing.
  • Mouth of vertical man of 600 mm in the first ferrule.
  • Connection by bridle of aspiration with inner elbow and plate antivortex (for pumping equipment).
  • Connection of spillway.
  • Filling connection with floater valve.
  • Connection of casting with sluice valve.
  • Connection for return of tests.
  • Adjustable outer supports with abarcón for tubes.
  • Manometric level.
  • Informer of overflow.
  • Switches of level.
  • Deicing resistance.

They can be designed and make, previous consultation with our technical department, other pieces or accessories that the client can need.

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