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The Web site of has been elaborated and reviewed so that it is accessible for the majority of the main present navigators according to you rule defined in the document “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1,0? (Directives of Accessibility to the Content Web 1,0), from the work group WAI pertaining to the W3C.

The objective of these directives is to facilitate the access to the information offered from Internet to all the citizens. Between the main measures that have been adopted they find the following:

Standards the language used for the contents and their structure is 1,0 XHTML transitional, and to arrange the elements and to present/display them of graphical way Style sheets in Cascade have been used (CSS). All the pages have validated like 1,0 XHTML transitional and the style sheets like CSS 2.1.

Images All the images contain a brief description by means of the attribute alt.

I connect All the connections contain a description by means of the attribute title.

Size of the text the used sources have relative dimensions, which allows the user to control its size from the navigator who is using.

Short cuts of keyboard Facilitate the access to the different sections from a fast and direct form. Next the main short cuts available in the Web site are listed:

  • I: To go to Beginning
  • Q: To go to Those who we are
  • P: To go to Products
  • R: To go to References
  • M: To go to Assembly
  • A: To go to Applications
  • M: To go to Measures and capacities
  • N: To go to the News
  • C: To go to Contact
  • S: To go to the Spanish version
  • E: To go to the English version
  • W: To go to Map Web
  • L: To go to Legal Warning
  • D: To go to Accessibility
  • X: To go to Privacy and legal information

The form to activate the keyboard short cuts depends on the navigator. Most frequent they are:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + letter + ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + SHIFT + letter
  • Netscape: ALT + letter
  • It operates: SHIFT + ESC + letter

Navigation the Web site facilitates a coherent navigation maintaining the same structure in all pages:

  • A main menu of vertical way in all the pages with connections to the main sections of the Web
  • Eyelashes above, to the left, in which are both languages that compose the Web, that is English and Spanish.
  • A submenu in the part of the right, down, in which secondary sections are encuentan, as they are; the map Web, the legal warning, accessibility and policy of privacy


East design Web site uses layers and style sheets in cascade (CSS) for the visual design of the pages. In this way, the content is independent of the presentation, and the users wish who it can sail by the information deshabilitando the unloading of style sheets in their navigator.

Level of accessibility the site has been validated with tools TAW and W3C Markup Validation Service (Service of Validation of the W3C).

The reached level of accessibility is triple A (AAA) in automatic way.

The icons that appear in this page use to certify that the design of the Web site fulfills the accessibility requirements mentioned.

  • Conformity with the specifications of the W3C for language XHTML transitional version 1.0.
  • Conformity with the syntax specified by the W3C for the style sheets CSS 2.1.
  • Conformity with the Directives of Accessibility for the Content Web 1,0, with the Triple level To, in automatic way according to the WAI.
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